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New 30 hour Pest Control Training Course Starting on January 

Next 30 hour Pest Control Training Course Starting on March 24 , 2018

                                                                                                     Re certification courses

                                                                                    7a, 7f, 8 February 5 Monday 9-2 Pm

                                              7c february 2nd 2-7 pm                                              7c    february 9 2-7 pm 

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Pest Control School NY offers Pest Control Technician training classes led by instructor with 15 years of experience in pest control industry. Our Pest Control Training Course is comprised of every minute detail that will help you to pass your pest control certification. We are among the pioneers in opening pest control school in Brooklyn. Pest Control Classes are for all the five boroughs of NY Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island & Long Island.

Our 30 hour eligibility course begins May 18, 2016. Classes are held in evening hours on weekends. We also offer classes for re-certification of sub category 7F, 7A, and 8. This will help you upgrade your license from Pest Control Technician to Pest Control Applicator. A Pest Control Applicator can add additional categories to their current certifications to advance your career.

NYC Pest Management School

Start Your Pest Control Career, And Earn a Better Living

You can start earning $14- $18 / Hour and can even start your own business after just 1 year of field experience.
We also offer our students free field training with experienced and certified Pest Control Applicators. Upon completion of your training and obtaining the license, NYC Pest Management School with also assist with job placement.

By taking your classes from Pest Control School, you will receive the education needed to get licensed; you will also receive the support of experienced technicians with years of field experience, and access to buy equipment and supplies needed for your day to day pest control jobs.

Start Your Career as Pest Control Technician, Your Dreams Come True!


pesticide safety education

Apprentice Training

Theses educational training courses helps an individual to become apprentice and to work as Pest Control Professional, this will help apprentice to have all the knowledge and skills to serve in Pest Control Industry. Our Mission is to equip all individuals with great knowledge, skills to identify Pest, control methods and chemicals used against these Pests.


Pest Control Technician

We offer different sub-category courses and 12 credit hour courses required by New York State, for a Pest Control Technician to upgrade license to Pest Control Applicator. This will help for Pest Control Technician and applicators to add more sub-categories to their certification.

Aquatic Pest Control

New Applicants

For all individuals who wants to become a Pest Control Technician in New York State, requires 30 hour eligibility class to take exam with NYSDEC (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation). We offer 30 hours class and training for the NYSDEC test, which requires to be passed by all applicants to become a Licensed Pest Control Professional.

Physical Training

We do give our students physical training with our affiliated Pest Control Company. We certify and train professionals, who will help you learn quickly pest, pest control techniques, chemicals and accounts information. In addition they will tell you how to use sprayers, tanks, mixing and loading of chemicals, safety precautions and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment.). You will also learn how to make service reports with chemical details.

Manual Training

Students will be given important topics and information from the selected manuals.

Multimedia Presentations

NYC Pest Management School is equipped with latest technology for the help of its students, giving multimedia presentations, Video demonstrations and on-site visit with our trained technicians.

Topics Covered

Pesticide & IPM
Pesticide Laws & Application
Cockroaches & Other Pests
Rodent Management & Weeds
Pesticides & Safety
Pesticides, Formulations & Pest Management
Pesticide & Environment 

Dates & Time

DPesticide Training Course, Topics & Schedules

499 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11218.  (347)-993-4512     718-284-7378     718-284-7379

Topic Time Day Date
Pesticide & IPM


5:00 pm – 10:00 pm Wednesday 1/24//2018
Cockroaches & Other Pests


5:00 pm- 11:00 pm Wednesday 1/31/2018
Rodent Management & Weeds


5:00 pm – 10:00 Pm Wednesday 2/7/2018
Pesticides, Formulations & Pest Management


5:00 pm – 11:00 Pm Tuesday 2/13/2018
Pesticides and safety


5:00 pm – 10:00 Pm Wednesday 2/28/2018
Pesticide Laws & Application


5:00 pm – 11:00 Pm Wednesday 3/7/2018
Pesticide & Environment


5:00 pm – 10:00 Pm Wednesday 3/14/2018


Coming Sooon!

We are working on our online course library, we will update all our students upon completion and approval.

Thank You.


These classes will be conducted by Fida Abbas, he has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. He has over 15 years of experience in different pesticide chemical companies as technical and marketing manager. During this period he conducted field seminars for continuing education and better control of pest with proper insecticides.
Currently he is a certified pest control applicator by NYSDEC in the following categories:

7A, 7F, 7C, 8, 3A

He has a plenty of pest control experience in day to day pest control activities. He trained a lot of Pest Control professionals in regard to Pest identification, selection of pesticides, control methods, equipment usage and maintenance. In addition he has a practical knowledge of pesticide active ingredients, label demonstration, sensitive accounts, handling bad pest infestation and pest behavior and biology. All of this experience and knowledge will help all of the students to be knowledge able and practical pest control exposure. If any questions please contact him on his personal details below:



Check Fida Abbas profile at: Bureau of Pest Management – Information Portal (Click Here)

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